tt 4 reasons you should always use a recruiting firm

If there is one thing that people in the Insights Industry know, it’s that things move quickly. New technology, new best practices, and shifts in what information is the most important make staying ahead of the game all the more difficult.

It goes without saying, when it comes time to hire, you have to move fast.

For busy market researches, finding the right candidate is just as important as finding them quickly – making the process of hiring even more anxiety-inducing …as if it wasn’t stressful enough already.

So, where is the relief?

There are a lot of options at your disposal when it comes to recruiting for your market research team.  However, few compare to the convenience and effectiveness of using a market research executive recruiting firm.

Here are 4 reasons that you should always use a recruiting firm when hiring in the market research industry.

1) They Save You Time

It takes a lot of time to find the right talent for your growing team. An Executive Recruiter who specializes in finding, and placing, market research and data insight professionals can save you time, especially because they know your industry and the skills you are searching for.

An HR Generalist will consume a lot of your time by sending resumes and scheduling calls with candidates who aren’t qualified to do what you need them to do. They can’t be expected to understand the complexity of a highly technical discipline like Market Research and Data Science. But a recruiting firm, especially one that specializes in the MR industry, is designed to do just that.

2) They Have a Larger Network

Your personal network may not be not as big as you think it is. A Market Research Executive Recruiter can offer you a wider selection of better candidates then you can do by yourself.

Sure, you can network, and post job descriptions on job boards, and send emails to your friends.  But by doing so, you are going to get a much shorter list of candidates to sort through and out of the candidates on that list, chances are, not all of them are going to be screened and qualified in the way you expect.

With a recruiting firm, you know that your receiving candidates that can both do the job you’re hiring for, and are interested in working in that position.

3) They Understand the Role You’re Filling

A knowledgeable Executive Recruiter will understand your role, identify candidates, and screen those who will meet the criteria of your search. A recruiting firm that specializes in market research will have experience in the industry.

So, not only can they understand who you are looking for, but they can quickly identify and screen candidates to make sure they have the skills to fill your position.

4) They Help Sell Your Company

Since they understand the industry and your role in it, the other variable is that they will be able to help you sell your opportunity to the best candidates.

In a rapidly changing market place such as in market research (where the demand for talent exceeds supply) you will need help selling your opportunity to the well-qualified talent you want on your team.

The existing talent already has several great opportunities to choose from, and you may not even be on the list.


When it comes to finding the right talent for your MR team, there are a lot of factors to consider. But it’s clear that the best way to relieve the stress of this process is by bringing in some help from a good executive recruiting firm.


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