Trusted Talent is your bridge to market research and insight professionals.

As a research agency or an enterprise looking to add research and insights talent to your team, we can help. We specialize in recruiting research and insight professionals worldwide. We can help with full-time permanent placements or with interim or temporary placement of experienced consultants. Once we have reviewed your job description and search criteria, our matching algorithm will identify and rank the potential candidates. We will interview the most qualified candidates and will screen them before we present them to you. And we can include a brief video interview when we present well qualified candidates for your review, along with their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Send us your job description and specifications.
  2. Review and sign our fee agreement.
  3. We will schedule an interview with your hiring manager to be clear of your specifications.
  4. We will post your position on the Trusted Talent Recruiting Platform.
  5. We will present screened and qualified applicants.
  6. You interview and select the best talent for your position.

The technology will help us identify great talent, and our experience and personal touch will make the process work well for you and for the talent.