13 words your candidate NEEDS on their CV

When it comes to crafting the ideal CV, under-prepared candidates can feel like they’re staring into the abyss.

And whilst there is no magic trick or special secret to CV writing, as a recruiter, you can advise your applicants on how to begin. A recent survey by StandoutCV polled 150 employers in order to glean what they wanted out of a candidate’s CV.

And it seems that the general line is to keep it succinct. 92% of those asked claimed that they wanted someone who could take responsibility whilst 65% opted for a negotiator – City AM reports.

The publication went on to list 13 verbs that employers would love candidates to include on their CV. We’ve compiled it below:

  1. Managed – shows control
  2. Delivered – shows determination
  3. Improved – shows value
  4. Reduced – shows resourcefulness
  5. Planned – shows forethought
  6. Supported – shows reliance
  7. Influenced – shows a necessary mindset
  8. Trained - shows expertise
  9. Resolved – shows candidate can face and control issues
  10. Presented – shows candidate can speak publically
  11. Analysed – shows candidate understands data
  12. Developed – shows drive
  13. Negotiated – shows multi-layered skill set

And whilst a CV is an intrinsic part of launching any candidate’s prospective career, the give-and-take of the candidate-recruiter relationship is also important. Even though recruitment is an applicant-led process, as a recruiter you have certain standards to uphold too.