Is LinkedIn enough?

Remember when we all were deciding if we should post our profiles on LinkedIn?  Times have changed, and now you almost can't find a job without a LinkedIn profile.  As times continue to change, hiring companies are now trying to learn how to use social media to find good talent.  If we are looking for a new position, what more do we do?

The time has come for the market research industry to leverage a both technology platform and the personal touch of recruiters with experience in our industry.  Technology, AI, and matching algorithms are not enough, we need a solution tailored for our industry.  A standardized set of terms for our skills, expertise, and experience already defined will make it possible for both talent and hiring companies to speak the same language.  This lexicon will enable the matching algorithms to be most effective.  Effective matching will save everyone time.

Candidates need a place unique to our industry to post profile information, as well as resumes, photos, and video interviews, whether they are actively seeking a new opportunity or not.

Hiring companies are finding it difficult to identify great talent to add to their teams, and an industry exclusive platform will be attractive to them in terms of saving time and money and helping them find the right person for the job.

Such a platform will be beneficial to talent, to recruiters, and to hiring companies in market research.  It can be the bridge that brings everyone together.

Check it out today:

Bob Ferro, Managing Director, Trusted Talent