The Trusted Talent Recruiting Platform is an important change for our industry.  Market research and insights professionals now have a place to post our profiles and resumes for a potential match to open positions.  Hiring companies in our industry are now able to benefit from the matching algorithm which identifies and ranks the best talent for each position. The technology combined with the experience and personal touch of our recruiting partners provides a positive experience for candidates and hiring companies as they find the best talent for their teams in less time and at a lower cost.

Bob Ferro is the Managing Director of Trusted Talent, LLC, and has worked in online Market Research since 1999.  Bob helped build the some of the first online panels, working with partners as well as market research agencies interested in adopting online methodologies.  Over these 16 years, he has developed connections across the Market Research industry.  

Bob lives in California and has worked remotely from his home in the Coachella Valley since 2003.  He travels extensively for Market Research firms, and knows the power of networking at the major conferences.  In 2018, Bob will be attending the Quirks Events in Irvine and Brooklyn, the Insights Show in London, the IIeX Conference in Atlanta, the ESOMAR Congress in Berlin, and TMRE in Scottsdale, so please look us up.

What We've Achieved

  • Worked with our technical partner, Team Plus, to develop the first recruiting hub exclusively for the market research industry.
  • Work with our recruiting partners to build an industry-wide marketplace to serve all market research professionals. 
  • Recruited, hired, trained and managed teams of sales professionals, project managers and data specialists for leading companies in our industry.
  • Developed strategic global accounts for leading sample companies.
  • Helped companies expand into Europe and Asia.