Bob Ferro is the Managing Director of Trusted Talent, LLC., and has worked in online Market Research since 1999.  Bob helped build the some of the first online panels, working with partners as well as market research agencies interested in adopting online methodologies.  Over these 16 years, he has developed connections across the Market Research industry.  He can help you find the right talent, salespeople, researchers, or client service professionals for your team in the US, Asia or Europe. Talent acquisition is important as the research marketplace continues to change, and Bob's experience and connections are helping lots of great talent find exciting new roles and and growing firms find the right talent. 

Bob lives in California and has worked remotely from his home in the Coachella Valley since 2003.  He travels extensively for Market Research firms, and knows the power of networking at the major conferences.  Bob will be attending ESOMAR in New Orleans in September, so let's plan to connect if you will be there too.

Bob's contact list is significant as is his network of friends in the industry.  

He can help you find the right talent for the right job.


Our Mission

To support your organization's desire to find the right talent for the right jobs and to help your business grow to meet your goals.  You will use all of the resources you have, including your HR team, your hiring managers, and asking your employees to use social media to find good candidates. And Trusted Talent will find the right talent for you.

In 2014, it cost U.S. businesses an average of $4,000 per person to find and hire the right talent. As the unemployment rate declines, the market is becoming even more competitive.
— 1/12/2016

What We've Achieved

  • Recruited, hired, trained and managed teams of sales professionals, project managers and data specialists for leading companies in our industry.
  • Developed strategic global accounts for leading sample companies.
  • Helped companies expand into Europe and Asia.
  • We work with a network of recruiting professionals to find the right talent for you.
  • We leverage social media, especially LinkedIn to identify and pre-qualify the talent you are looking for.