Bob Ferro, the Managing Director of Trusted Talent, announces additional team members. We welcome Andy Drake, Roland Klassen and Danette Ferro as the newest additions


Based in England, Andy Drake’s Marketing Research career stemmed from Asia, across Europe and North America.  Having lived and worked in Asia for over a decade, and his extensive experience leading teams in Europe and North America, his global experience has clearly shaped Andy’s thinking. He believes that performance is driven by people and is vital to recruit, retain, develop and motivate! “so…Trusted Talent is a great fit”.

His career journey has ensured experience of a wide range of research solutions, including new and exciting methods, all of which helps understand what Trusted Talent clients are looking for in their people search.

Outside of work, Andy, married with three children, runs marathons, cooks SE Asian food, and obsessively loves football.



Based in Toronto, Canada, with over 30 years of experience in the Market Research & Insights industry. He founded, managed and grew a leading international data collection/MR services firm based on the philosophy that, to be successful, a business had to meet three sets of needs: its customers, its employees, and its own financial well-being. The key element in meeting these needs is the staff. Without the right people, success is impossible.

After selling the business in 2016, it was a very mutual decision that Roland join Trusted Talent to assist other organizations to increase their success by matching them with the right people.

Roland is an avid golfer, a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo, and loves the international travel aspects of his life.


(Leigh-Brindeland)BRIN MOORE, Partner

An industry leading executive, Brin has over 20 years of diversified expertise in building, leading and mentoring world-class sales, business development, product, and marketing organizations in the Market Research Industry.

Brin started in quantitative & qualitative research at companies such as IRI and Greenfield Online and has experience in both custom and syndicated research. With a move to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early days of online, was a member of the founding management team at Greenfield Online, Brin has stayed at the forefront of emerging technologies for market research and consumer insights and has had experience with online sample, mobile research, video, and data visualization, among others.

Brin has been responsible for building new products, growing international markets, full P/L management, brand marketing, and ROI. Demonstrated leadership in partnering with senior teams, transforming margin challenges into sustainable, high yield profit centers and on strategic initiatives focused on increasing market share, profitability, and shareholder value. 

The key to her success has been building and mentoring the right team(s) for the business.

Brin and her family are from Northern California and enjoy hiking, soccer, and as many outdoor activities as they can find.


DANETTE FERRO, Partner, Director of Marketing

Danette has been in the Music, Events, Video and Stage Productions, Design and Marketing industry where her creative talent and knowledge of her clients has served her well. Since moving to Southern California, and working in the Market Research world vicariously through her husband, Bob, her talents have been geared towards the Marketing and Event Management for Trusted Talent. With the rapid changes and growth in our company, the natural progression was to bring this position in-house.


BOB FERRO, Managing Director, Trusted Talent LLC

Having been in the online Market Research industry since 1999, Bob helped build some of the first online panels, working with partners, as well as market research agencies, interested in adopting online methodologies. 

In 2015, Trusted Talent was created to bridge the growing gap between Talent and Clients within the industry. With the knowledge of marketing research, his relationships on both sides of the equation, and his desire to facilitate some of the changes taking place, it seemed a perfect solution.

Bob has worked remotely since 2003. He travels extensively for Market Research firms and knows the power of networking at all of the major conference. Bob and his wife live in Southern California, and enjoy golfing and any beaches that they can find on their travels.

What We've Achieved

  • Worked with our technical partner, Team Plus, to develop the first recruiting hub exclusively for the market research industry.

  • Work with our recruiting partners to build an industry-wide marketplace to serve all market research professionals.

  • Recruited, hired, trained and managed teams of sales professionals, project managers and data specialists for leading companies in our industry.

  • Developed strategic global accounts for leading sample companies.

  • Helped companies expand into Europe and Asia.

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