20190612 tt top ten better ways to spend your time other than scouring linkedin for your next hire

When it comes time to add someone new to your team, how much time do you spend searching? Probably a good amount. You are likely going to have some kind of time restraints that prevent you from searching too long, especially in the market research industry, but choose too quickly and you run the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job.

There is an appropriate amount of time that goes into finding qualified candidates for any position. Time that includes reviewing a person’s experience, skill sets, and overall qualifications for the job. While sites like LinkedIn can help you post job openings and expedite the process of hiring by filtering out unqualified candidates at the click of a button, it still takes time.

But all of this can be streamlined by working with a market research recruitment agency. They vet candidates and provide you with a list of individuals that are highly qualified to work in the exact position you are hiring for. This frees up time in your schedule to do… well, whatever you’d like really.

For us, there are an endless amount of things that we’d rather be doing. Some of those things involve getting more work done, and some are simply just for fun. Either way, it’s your time, so spend it how you wish.

Here is our shortlist of better ways to spend your time other than scouring LinkedIn for your next hire:

1.) Call One Of Your Best Customers

Checking-in, catching up, and building rapport with clients is so impactful – a much better way to spend a few hours over clicking through endless pages of linked in resumes.

2.) Work On Your Golf Swing

Work is hard. So is golf. Think about how much better you’ll be when you have all that extra time to practice your driving skills.

3.) Call One Of Your Prospects

All joking aside, this one is a money maker – literally. More time talking to prospects means more money in your pockets.

4.) Spend Time With Your Family

You spend enough time on the grind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just a little it more time with the people you love? I mean, your grandchildren aren’t going to spoil themselves.

5.) Check-In On Other Operations

Okay, what other things have you been waiting to get to? Now you can finally start working down the list because of all the time you’ve freed up thanks to your recruiting agency.

6.) Read A Book

Some times it’s the little things. Now you can take a moment and get through a few chapters of that book you’ve been dying to read.

7.) Plan Your Next Big Trip

Work or pleasure? Doesn’t matter. The only thing you’ve got to decide now is who you’re taking with you and how long you’re going to stay.

8.) Check-In On Your Invoices

Money comes and goes. And now, thanks to all your extra time, you can keep a closer eye on when things are getting paid, and when it’s time to collect!

9.) Take Your Significant Other To Dinner

This is a big one for any busy professional. We all wish we had more time to spend time with our spouse. So, what are you waiting for? Make that reservation.

10.) Enjoy The Fresh Air

What’s better than being cooped up in your office? How about showing off that golf swing you’ve been practicing? Get outside! Seriously, you’ve got the time.

While some of these might seem a bit silly, we truly believe that there is unmeasurable value in them. You deserve time to yourself; time to do the things you have been too busy to get to.

We get it! You need to find that new employee fast, but it doesn’t have to cost you countless hours of work and stress. Finding the right person will certainly be more time consuming than you think, and by working with a trusted partner to bring you the right talent, you can get that valuable time back.

The only question is, how will you spend it?

In line with freeing up time, we took our market research expertise and created this short quiz.
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